a pamphlet (1848) by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: first statement of the principles of modern communism.
a political pamphlet written by Marx and Engels in 1848: a fundamental statement of Marxist principles


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    noun 1. a political party advocating the principles of communism, especially as developed by Marx and Lenin. noun 1. (in non-Communist countries) a political party advocating Communism 2. (in Communist countries) the single official party of the state, composed of those who officially espouse Communism

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    [kom-yuh-nist] /ˈkɒm yə nɪst/ noun 1. (initial capital letter) a member of the Communist Party or movement. 2. an advocate of . 3. a person who is regarded as supporting politically leftist or subversive causes. 4. (usually initial capital letter) a Communard. adjective 5. (initial capital letter) of or relating to the Communist Party or […]

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    [kuh-myoo-ni-tair-ee-uh n] /kəˌmyu nɪˈtɛər i ən/ noun 1. a member of a communistic . 2. an advocate of such a . /kəˌmjuːnɪˈtɛərɪən/ noun 1. a member of a communist community 2. an advocate of communalism n. 1841, “member of a commune,” from community + ending from utilitarian, etc. The adjective is attested from 1909.

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