[kount] /kaʊnt/

verb (used with or without object), noun, Archaic.
1 .


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  • Compted

    [kount] /kaʊnt/ verb (used with or without object), noun, Archaic. 1. 1 .

  • Compte-rendu

    [kawnt rahn-dy] /kɔ̃t rɑ̃ˈdü/ noun, plural comptes rendus [kawnt rahn-dy] /kɔ̃t rɑ̃ˈdü/ (Show IPA). French. 1. a report of a transaction or proceedings. /kɔ̃t rɑ̃dy/ noun (pl) comptes rendus (kɔ̃t rɑ̃dy) 1. a short review or notice, esp of a book 2. a statement of account

  • Composing-stick

    noun, Printing. 1. a portable, adjustable, usually metal tray that the compositor holds in one hand while placing in it type gathered with the other hand. noun 1. (printing) a metal holder of adjustable width in which a compositor sets a line of type at a time by hand; now rarely used

  • Composing-room

    noun 1. a room in which compositors work in a printing establishment. noun 1. the room in a printing establishment in which type is set

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