a thin, crisp piece of snack food made from cornmeal.


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  • Corn circle

    noun 1. another name for crop circle noun See crop circle

  • Corncob

    [kawrn-kob] /ˈkɔrnˌkɒb/ noun 1. the elongated woody core in which the grains of an ear of corn are embedded. 2. Also called corncob pipe. a tobacco pipe with a bowl made from a corncob. /ˈkɔːnˌkɒb/ noun 1. the core of an ear of maize, to which kernels are attached 2. short for corncob pipe

  • Corncockle

    /ˈkɔːnˌkɒkəl/ noun 1. a European caryophyllaceous plant, Agrostemma githago, that has reddish-purple flowers and grows in cornfields and by roadsides

  • Corn-cockle

    noun 1. a plant, Agrostemma githago, of the pink family, having magenta-purple flowers and occurring commonly as a weed among crops of grain.

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