Cotton sedge

(Canadian) another name for cotton grass


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  • Cottonseed

    [kot-n-seed] /ˈkɒt nˌsid/ noun, plural cottonseeds (especially collectively) cottonseed. 1. the of the plant, yielding an oil. /ˈkɒtənˌsiːd/ noun (pl) -seeds, -seed 1. the seed of the cotton plant: a source of oil and fodder

  • Cottonseed-cake

    noun 1. .

  • Cottonseed-meal

    noun 1. cotton cake when pulverized. noun 1. the residue of cottonseed kernels from which oil has been extracted, used as fodder or fertilizer

  • Cottonseed-oil

    noun 1. a brown-yellow, viscid oil with a nutlike odor, obtained from the seed of the cotton plant: used in the manufacture of soaps, hydrogenated fats, lubricants, and cosmetics, as a cooking and salad oil, and in medicine chiefly as a laxative. noun 1. a yellowish or dark red oil with a nutlike smell, extracted […]

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