An exclamation of scorn, disbelief, vexation, etc; bullshit: Cowpats! He’s just trying to make my life miserable (1990s+)


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    [kou-pee] /ˈkaʊˌpi/ noun 1. a plant, Vigna unguiculata, extensively cultivated in the southern U.S. for forage, soil improvement, etc. 2. the seed of this plant, used for food. /ˈkaʊˌpiː/ noun 1. a leguminous tropical climbing plant, Vigna sinensis, producing long pods containing edible pealike seeds: grown for animal fodder and sometimes as human food 2. […]

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    cowperitis cow·per·i·tis (kōō’pə-rī’tĭs, kou’-, kup’ə-) n. Inflammation of the Cowper’s glands.

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    noun 1. (in India) a large cylindrical pillow stuffed with cotton and used for reclining rather than sleeping

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    noun 1. (def 3).

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