[kree-uh] /ˈkri ə/

a baby , , , or .


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  • Crias

    [kree-uh] /ˈkri ə/ noun 1. a baby , , , or .

  • Crib

    [krib] /krɪb/ noun 1. a child’s bed with enclosed sides. 2. a stall or pen for cattle. 3. a rack or manger for fodder, as in a stable or barn. 4. a bin for storing grain, salt, etc. 5. Informal. 6. a room, closet, etc., in a factory or the like, in which tools are […]

  • Cribbage

    [krib-ij] /ˈkrɪb ɪdʒ/ noun 1. a card game for two or sometimes three or four players, a characteristic feature of which is the , and in which the object is to make counting combinations for points that are scored on a . /ˈkrɪbɪdʒ/ noun 1. a game of cards for two to four, in which […]

  • Cribbage-board

    noun 1. a board for keeping score in cribbage, having holes into which pegs are placed to mark the score and progress of the players. noun 1. a board, with pegs and holes, used for scoring at cribbage

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