a band, especially a marching band, of drum players usually under the direction of a drum major.


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  • Drumette

    [druhm-et] /drʌmˈɛt/ noun 1. the thick first section of a chicken wing that resembles a drumstick.

  • Drumfire

    [druhm-fahyuh r] /ˈdrʌmˌfaɪər/ noun 1. gunfire so heavy and continuous as to sound like the beating of . /ˈdrʌmˌfaɪə/ noun 1. heavy, rapid, and continuous gunfire, the sound of which resembles rapid drumbeats

  • Drumfish

    [druhm-fish] /ˈdrʌmˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural (especially collectively) drumfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) drumfishes. 1. 1 (def 11). /ˈdrʌmˌfɪʃ/ noun (pl) -fish, -fishes 1. another name for drum1 (sense 7)

  • Drumhead

    [druhm-hed] /ˈdrʌmˌhɛd/ noun 1. the membrane stretched upon a . 2. the top part of a capstan. adjective 3. characteristic of a ; carried out in summary fashion: a drumhead execution. /ˈdrʌmˌhɛd/ noun 1. (music) the part of a drum that is actually struck with a stick or the hand 2. the head of a […]

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