Dukes disease

Dukes disease n.
See fourth disease.


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  • Duke someone out

    verb phrase

  • Dukes-up

    adjective Combative; feisty: Her salty language and dukes-up style endeared her (1970s+)

  • Duket

    Related Terms ducat noun A toupee; rug [1950s+; fr the Scottish word, ”a piece of turf or sod, esp one cut out by a golf club,” of unknown origin]

  • Dukhobor

    [doo-kuh-bawr] /ˈdu kəˌbɔr/ noun, plural Dukhobors, Dukhobortsy [doo-kuh-bawrt-see] /ˌdu kəˈbɔrt si/ (Show IPA) 1. . /ˈduːkəʊˌbɔː/ plural noun 1. a variant spelling of Doukhobor

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