Economic Cleanup Responsibility Act


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  • Ecrase

    [ey-krah-zey, -kruh-] /ˌeɪ krɑˈzeɪ, -krə-/ adjective 1. (of leather) crushed to produce a grained effect.

  • Ecrc

    European Computer-Industry Research Centre GmbH

  • Ecrc-prolog

    Evidently Prolog with coroutine extensions. See also SEPIA. [“ECRC-Prolog User’s Manual Version 1.0”, K. Estenfeld, TR-LP-08 ECRC, Feb 1986]. (1994-12-01)

  • Ecrevisse

    [ey-kruh-vees] /eɪ krəˈvis/ noun, plural écrevisses [ey-kruh-vees] /eɪ krəˈvis/ (Show IPA). French. 1. .

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