the application of sociological principles and methods to the solution of problems in an educational system.


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  • Educational-television

    noun 1. television of informational or instructional content.

  • Educational welfare officer

    noun 1. (in Britain) a local education authority worker whose job it is to find out whether difficulties outside school are contributing to a child’s classroom problems or irregular attendance and who may intervene to help the child to benefit more from schooling Former names school attendance officer, truancy officer

  • Education contact

    job The person at a company who should receive educational material. (2004-03-11)

  • Educe

    [ih-doos, ih-dyoos] /ɪˈdus, ɪˈdyus/ verb (used with object), educed, educing. 1. to draw forth or bring out, as something potential or latent; elicit; develop. 2. to infer or deduce. /ɪˈdjuːs/ verb (transitive) (rare) 1. to evolve or develop, esp from a latent or potential state 2. to draw out or elicit (information, solutions, etc) v. […]

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