Electronic whiteboarding

Audiographic Teleconferencing


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  • Electron-lens

    noun 1. a combination of static or varying electric and magnetic fields, used to focus streams of electrons in a manner similar to that of an optical lens. noun 1. a system, such as an arrangement of electrodes or magnets, that produces a field for focusing a beam of electrons

  • Electron micrograph

    noun 1. a photograph or image of a specimen taken using an electron microscope

  • Electron-microscope

    noun 1. a microscope of extremely high power that uses beams of electrons focused by magnetic lenses instead of rays of light, the magnified image being formed on a fluorescent screen or recorded on a photographic plate: its magnification is substantially greater than that of any optical microscope. noun 1. a powerful type of microscope […]

  • Electron model

    electronics A model of semiconductor behaviour in which donors contribute the charge of an electron, and acceptors contribute a space for same, in effect contributing a fictional positive charge of similiar magnitude. Physicists use the electron model. Some language theorists consider language and the electron to be models in themselves. Contrast hole model. (1995-10-06)

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