Emotional labour

work that requires good interpersonal skills


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  • Emotional literacy

    noun 1. the ability to deal with one’s emotions and recognize their causes

  • Emotionally

    [ih-moh-shuh-nl] /ɪˈmoʊ ʃə nl/ adjective 1. pertaining to or involving or the . 2. subject to or easily affected by : We are an emotional family, given to demonstrations of affection. 3. appealing to the : an emotional request for contributions. 4. showing or revealing very strong : an emotional scene in a play. 5. […]

  • Emotionally-correct

    adjective 1. pertaining to or noting a socially acceptable, normative reaction to an emotional situation: He’s a nice guy but doesn’t always say the emotionally correct thing.

  • Emotional quotient

    noun an index of emotional intelligence; also called [emotional intelligence quotient]; abbr. EQ , E-IQ Examples The Utne Reader offers an emotional quotient test. Word Origin based on Daniel Goleman’s concept

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