[yoos] /yus/

the ultimate use for which something is intended or to which it is put.


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  • End-user

    noun 1. the ultimate user for whom a machine, as a computer, or product, as a computer program, is designed. noun 1. 2. (computing) the ultimate destination, such as a program or operator, of information that is being transferred within a system job The person who uses a computer application, as opposed to those who […]

  • Endways

    [end-weyz] /ˈɛndˌweɪz/ adverb 1. on : We set the table endways in order to fix the legs. 2. with the upward or forward. 3. toward the or ; lengthwise. 4. with touching; to . /ˈɛndˌweɪz/ adverb 1. having the end forwards or upwards adjective 2. vertical or upright 3. lengthways 4. standing or lying end […]

  • Endymion

    [en-dim-ee-uh n] /ɛnˈdɪm i ən/ noun 1. Classical Mythology. a young man kept forever youthful through eternal sleep and loved by Selene. 2. (italics) a narrative poem (1818) by John Keats. /ɛnˈdɪmɪən/ noun 1. (Greek myth) a handsome youth who was visited every night by the moon goddess Selene, who loved him beautiful youth loved […]

  • Endysis

    /ɛnˈdaɪsɪs/ noun 1. (zoology) the formation of new layers of integument after ecdysis

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