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  • Engine

    [en-juh n] /ˈɛn dʒən/ noun 1. a machine for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy or power to produce force and motion. 2. a railroad locomotive. 3. a . 4. any mechanical contrivance. 5. a machine or instrument used in warfare, as a battering ram, catapult, or piece of artillery. 6. Obsolete. an instrument of […]

  • Engine-block

    noun, Automotive. 1. . noun, Automotive. 1. the metal casting in which the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine are bored. noun 1. the metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling channels or fins of a reciprocating internal-combustion engine Sometimes shortened to block

  • Engine-company

    noun 1. a unit of a city’s fire department in command of one or more fire-fighting vehicles.

  • Engine driver

    noun 1. (mainly Brit) a person who drives a railway locomotive; train driver

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