[ep-ee-oh-nik-ee-uh m] /ˌɛp i oʊˈnɪk i əm/

noun, plural epionychia
[ep-ee-oh-nik-ee-uh] /ˌɛp i oʊˈnɪk i ə/ (Show IPA)


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  • Epiotic center

    epiotic center ep·i·ot·ic center (ěp’ē-ŏt’ĭk) n. The center of ossification that forms the mastoid process.

  • Epidote

    [ep-i-doht] /ˈɛp ɪˌdoʊt/ noun 1. a mineral, calcium aluminum iron silicate, Ca 2 (Al, Fe) 3 Si 3 O 12 (OH), occurring in green prismatic crystals. /ˈɛpɪˌdəʊt/ noun 1. a green mineral consisting of hydrated calcium iron aluminium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form: common in metamorphic rocks. Formula: Ca2(Al,Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH) epidote (ěp’ĭ-dōt’) A yellowish-green or blackish-green […]

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    [ep-i-dahy-uh-rahyt] /ˌɛp ɪˈdaɪ əˌraɪt/ noun, Petrography. 1. a schistose metamorphic rock resulting from the alteration of augite to hornblende in a gabbro or dolerite.

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    epididymovasostomy ep·i·did·y·mo·va·sos·to·my (ěp’ĭ-dĭd’ə-mō-vā-sŏs’tə-mē) n. The surgical severing of the vas deferens with anastomosis to the epididymis.

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