[er-uh-mof-uh-luh s] /ˌɛr əˈmɒf ə ləs/

adjective, Ecology.
requiring a desert habitat.


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  • Eremophobia

    noun a fear of stillness, solitude, deserted places; also called eremophobia See eremophobia Word Origin Greek eraemia ‘solitude’

  • Eremophyte

    [er-uh-moh-fahyt, ih-ree-muh-] /ˈɛr ə moʊˌfaɪt, ɪˈri mə-/ noun, Botany. 1. a plant that grows in desert conditions.

  • Eremurus

    [er-uh-myoo r-uh s] /ˌɛr əˈmyʊər əs/ noun, plural eremuri [er-uh-myoo r-ahy] /ˌɛr əˈmyʊər aɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. any of several hardy perennial herbs of the genus Eremurus, of the lily family, cultivated for their tall, colorful, bell-shaped flowers.

  • Erenburg

    /ˈɛrənbɜːɡ; Russian erɪnˈburk/ noun 1. a variant spelling of (Ilya Grigorievich) Ehrenburg

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