Eureka moment

noun (informal)
a moment at which a person realizes or solves something


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  • Eureka step

    In program transformation, a transformation which is not obvious or easy to define as an algorithm. (1994-12-08)

  • Eureka stockade

    noun 1. a violent incident in Ballarat, Australia, in 1854 between gold miners and the military, as a result of which the miners won their democratic rights in the state parliament

  • Eurhythmia

    eurhythmia eu·rhyth·mi·a (yu-rĭð’mē-ə) n. Harmonious relationships among the separate organs of the body.

  • Eurhythmic

    [yoo-rith -mik, yuh-] /yʊˈrɪð mɪk, yə-/ adjective 1. characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned. 2. of or relating to . /juːˈrɪðmɪk/ adjective 1. having a pleasing and harmonious rhythm, order, or structure 2. of or relating to eurhythmics

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