Ex new

adverb, adjective
(of shares, etc) without the right to take up any scrip issue or rights issue Compare cum new


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  • Ex-nihilo

    [eks nahy-uh-loh, nee-uh-] /ˌɛks ˈnaɪ ə loʊ, ˈni ə-/ adverb, adjective, Latin. 1. out of nothing; from nothing. Latin, literally “out of nothing,” from ex “out of” (see ex-) + nihilo, ablative of nihil “nothing” (see nil).

  • Ex-nihilo-nihil-fit

    [eks ni-hi-loh ni-hil fit; English eks nahy-hi-loh nahy-hil fit, nee-hi-loh nee-hil] /ɛks ˈnɪ hɪˌloʊ ˈnɪ hɪl ˈfɪt; English ɛks ˈnaɪ hɪˌloʊ ˈnaɪ hɪl ˈfɪt, ˈni hɪˌloʊ ˈni hɪl/ Latin. 1. nothing is created from nothing.

  • Exo-

    1. a combining form meaning “outside,” “outer,” “external,” used in the formation of compound words: exocentric. combining form 1. external, outside, or beyond: exobiology, exothermal word-forming element used in scientific words (e.g. exoskeleton), from Greek exo “outside,” related to ex “out of” (see ex-). exo- pref. Outside; external: exoskeleton. exo- A prefix that means “outside” […]

  • Exoantigen

    exoantigen ex·o·an·ti·gen (ěk’sō-ān’tĭ-jən) n. See ectoantigen.

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