[ik-skloo-suh-viz-uh m, -zuh-] /ɪkˈsklu səˌvɪz əm, -zə-/

the practice of being .


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  • Exclusivistic

    [ik-skloo-suh-viz-uh m, -zuh-] /ɪkˈsklu səˌvɪz əm, -zə-/ noun 1. the practice of being .

  • Exclusivity

    [ik-skloo-siv, -ziv] /ɪkˈsklu sɪv, -zɪv/ adjective 1. not admitting of something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive plans of action. 2. omitting from consideration or account (often followed by of): a profit of ten percent, exclusive of taxes. 3. limited to the object or objects designated: exclusive attention to business. 4. shutting out all others from a […]

  • Excogitate

    [eks-koj-i-teyt] /ɛksˈkɒdʒ ɪˌteɪt/ verb (used with object), excogitated, excogitating. 1. to think out; devise; invent. 2. to study intently and carefully in order to grasp or comprehend fully. /ɛksˈkɒdʒɪˌteɪt/ verb (transitive) 1. to devise, invent, or contrive 2. to think out in detail

  • Excommunicable

    [eks-kuh-myoo-ni-kuh-buh l] /ˌɛks kəˈmyu nɪ kə bəl/ adjective 1. liable or deserving to be , as a person. 2. punishable by excommunication, as an offense.

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