[ahy-shot] /ˈaɪˌʃɒt/

range of vision; view:
The ship passed within eyeshot.
Archaic. a glance.
range of vision; view


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  • Eyesight

    [ahy-sahyt] /ˈaɪˌsaɪt/ noun 1. the power or faculty of seeing. 2. the act or fact of seeing. 3. the range of the : to come within eyesight. /ˈaɪˌsaɪt/ noun 1. the ability to see; faculty of sight n. c.1200, from eye (n.) + sight (n.). eyesight eye·sight (ī’sīt’) n.

  • Eyes-left

    noun, Military. 1. (at ceremonies) the command to turn the head and eyes to the left in salute. interjection 1. (military) a command to troops to look left, esp as a salute when marching

  • Eyes like pissholes in the snow

    noun phrase Very bleary eyes; tired and dim eyes, esp those of a severe hangover •Pissholes in the sand is found by 1932: Your eyes look like two piss holes in the snow (1940s+)

  • Eye-socket

    noun 1. the socket or orbit of the eye. noun 1. the nontechnical name for orbit (sense 3) eye socket n. See orbital cavity.

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