[fer-oh-al-oi, -uh-loi] /ˌfɛr oʊˈæl ɔɪ, -əˈlɔɪ/

an of iron with some element other than carbon, used to introduce the element in the manufacture of steel.


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  • Ferroaluminum

    [fer-oh-uh-loo-muh-nuh m] /ˌfɛr oʊ əˈlu mə nəm/ noun 1. a ferroalloy containing up to 80 percent .

  • Ferrocement

    [fer-oh-si-ment] /ˌfɛr oʊ sɪˈmɛnt/ adjective 1. (of a boat hull) constructed of mortar troweled over a wire mesh that has been preshaped over a mold. 2. (of a boat) having such a hull.

  • Ferrocerium

    [fer-oh-seer-ee-uh m] /ˌfɛr oʊˈsɪər i əm/ noun 1. an alloy of 65 percent misch metal and 35 percent iron, used in flints for cigarette lighters.

  • Ferrocene

    [fer-uh-seen] /ˈfɛr əˌsin/ noun, Chemistry. 1. Also called dicyclopentadienyliron. an orange, crystalline, water-insoluble coordination compound, (C 5 H 5) 2 Fe, having a camphorlike odor: used chiefly as an antiknock agent for gasoline and as a catalyst. Compare . 2. Also called dicyclopentadienyl metal. any of a class of analogous compounds containing a metal other […]

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