[fee-ter] /ˈfi tər/

a strong, offensive smell; stench.
/ˈfiːtə; -tɔː/
an offensive stale or putrid odour; stench

“offensive smell,” mid-15c., from Latin fetor, foetor, from fetere (see fetid).

fetor fe·tor (fē’tər, -tôr’)
A very offensive odor.


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  • Fetor hepaticus

    fetor hepaticus fetor he·pat·i·cus (hĭ-pāt’ĭ-kəs) n. A peculiar odor of the breath in individuals with severe liver disease caused by volatile aromatic substances that accumulate in the blood and urine.

  • Fetor ex ore

    fetor ex ore fetor ex o·re (ěks ôr’ē) n. See halitosis.

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  • Fetoscopy

    [fee-tos-kuh-pee] /fiˈtɒs kə pi/ noun, plural fetoscopies. 1. examination by means of a fetoscope.

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