fibrinopurulent fi·bri·no·pu·ru·lent (fī’brə-nō-pyur’ə-lənt, -pyur’yə-)
Relating to pus or suppurative exudate that contains a relatively large amount of fibrin.


Read Also:

  • Fibrinous bronchitis

    fibrinous bronchitis n. Inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane, accompanied by a fibrinous exudation. Also called pseudomembranous bronchitis.

  • Fibrinous cataract

    fibrinous cataract n. See fibroid cataract.

  • Fibrinous inflammation

    fibrinous inflammation n. Exudative inflammation in which there is an unusually large amount of fibrin in the exudate.

  • Fibrinous pericarditis

    fibrinous pericarditis n. Acute pericarditis accompanied by fibrinous exudate on the serous membrane. Also called hairy heart.

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