[flat-bed] /ˈflætˌbɛd/

Also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck. a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes.
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  • Flat-bed lorry

    /ˈflætˌbɛd/ noun 1. a lorry with a flat platform for its body

  • Flat-bed plotter

    noun 1. a mechanized drafting device, usually computer driven, incorporating a moving pen whose horizontal and vertical range in two dimensions is limited only by the size of the bed of the device.

  • Flat-bed press

    noun 1. . noun 1. a printing press in which a flat bed holding the printing form moves against a rotating cylinder that carries the paper. noun 1. a printing machine on which the type forme is carried on a flat bed under a revolving paper-bearing cylinder Also called cylinder press noun 1. (printing) another […]

  • Flatbed-scanner

    noun 1. a type of optical scanner having a flat, stationary surface on which a page is scanned by a moving head.

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