an electric switch controlled by a conductor floating in a liquid.


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  • Float-valve

    noun 1. a valve admitting or discharging a liquid to or from a tank and regulated by a float on the surface of the liquid within the tank to maintain a nearly constant height of liquid.

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    [floh-tee] /ˈfloʊ ti/ adjective, floatier, floatiest. 1. able to ; buoyant. 2. (of a boat) requiring little water to . /ˈfləʊtɪ/ adjective floatier, floatiest 1. filmy and light: floaty material 2. capable of floating; buoyant 3. (of a vessel) riding high in the water; of shallow draught

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    /flɒb/ verb 1. (intransitive) (Brit, informal) flobs, flobbing, flobbed. to spit

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    [flip] /flɪp/ verb (used with object), flipped, flipping. 1. to toss or put in motion with a sudden impulse, as with a snap of a finger and thumb, especially so as to cause to turn over in the air: to flip a coin. 2. to move (something) suddenly or jerkily. 3. to turn over, especially […]

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