a plant, Linum grandiflorum, of northern Africa, having quickly fading, red or pink flowers.


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  • Flowering-maple

    noun 1. any of various shrubs belonging to the genus Abutilon, of the mallow family, having large, bright-colored flowers. noun 1. any tropical shrub of the malvaceous genus Abutilon, esp A. hybridum, having lobed leaves like those of the maple and brightly coloured flowers

  • Flowering-moss

    noun 1. .

  • Flowering-plant

    noun 1. a plant that produces flowers, fruit, and seeds; angiosperm. flowering plant (flou’ər-ĭng) A plant that produces flowers and fruit; an angiosperm. See more at angiosperm.

  • Flowering-quince

    noun 1. any shrub belonging to the genus Chaenomeles, of the rose family, native to eastern Asia, having showy, waxy flowers and a quincelike fruit, grown widely as an ornamental.

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