Also, following shot. Movies, Television. a traveling shot made as the camera moves along with the subject:
a follow shot of the buffalo stampede, taken from a low-flying helicopter.
Billiards, Pool. a stroke that causes the cue ball to roll forward after striking the object ball.
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  • Follow something up

    verb phrase

  • Follow the crowd

    Go along with the majority, do what most others are doing. For example, Make your own decision—don’t just follow the crowd.

  • Follow-the-leader

    noun 1. a child’s game in which players, one behind the other, follow a leader and must repeat or follow everything he or she does.

  • Follow-through

    [fol-oh-throo, -throo] /ˈfɒl oʊˌθru, -ˈθru/ noun 1. the completion of a motion, as in the stroke of a tennis racket. 2. the portion of such a motion after the ball has been hit. 3. the act of continuing a plan, project, scheme, or the like to its completion. n. 1897, of golf swings, from verbal […]

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