the tail of a fox.


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  • Foxcore

    noun grunge music performed by female bands Word Origin based on hardcore Usage Note slang

  • Foxe

    [foks] /fɒks/ noun 1. John, 1516–87, English martyrologist. /fɒks/ noun 1. John. 1516–87, English Protestant clergyman; author of History of the Acts and Monuments of the Church (1563), popularly known as the Book of Martyrs

  • Foxe-basin

    noun 1. an ocean passage in Nunavut Territory, Canada, connected with Hudson Bay by the Foxe Channel. /fɒks/ noun 1. an arm of the Atlantic in NE Canada, between Melville Peninsula and Baffin Island

  • Foxed

    [fokst] /fɒkst/ adjective 1. deceived; tricked. 2. stained or spotted a yellowish brown, as by age: a dog-eared and foxed volume of poetry. 3. (of museum specimens of birds and mammals) having melanin pigments that have oxidized with age to a reddish-brown color. [foks] /fɒks/ noun, plural foxes (especially collectively) fox. 1. any of several […]

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