[fruhnt-rangk] /ˈfrʌntˈræŋk/

among the best or most important; foremost; topnotch.


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  • Front-room

    noun 1. a room at the front of a house, especially a parlor.

  • Front-royal

    noun 1. a town in N Virginia.

  • Front-runner

    noun 1. a person who leads in any competition. 2. an entrant in a race who breaks to the front immediately and establishes the pace for the field. 3. an entrant in a race who performs well only when ahead of the field. noun phrase The leader in a contest, election, etc: That left as […]

  • Frontrunning

    /ˈfrʌntˌrʌnɪŋ/ noun 1. (stock exchange) the practice by market makers of using advance information provided by their own investment analysts before it has been given to clients

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