Frozen limit

noun phrase

Behavior, an event, etc, that is more than one can tolerate (1916+)


Read Also:

  • Frozen pelvis

    frozen pelvis fro·zen pelvis (frō’zən) n. A condition in which the true pelvis is indurated throughout, especially by carcinoma.

  • Frozen-pudding

    noun 1. a frozen or chilled dessert mixture of rich custard, nuts or candied fruit, and sometimes liquor.

  • Frozen rope

    noun phrase A hard line drive: A hard line drive is a blue darter, frozen rope, or an ungodly shot (1960s+ Baseball)

  • Frozen shoulder

    noun 1. (pathol) a painful stiffness in a shoulder joint frozen shoulder n. Inflammation between the joint capsule and the peripheral articular shoulder cartilage that causes pain whether in motion or at rest. Also called adhesive capsulitis.

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