Fucked out

adjective phrase

Exhausted; played out, pooped (1940+)


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  • Fucker

    [fuhk-er] /ˈfʌk ər/ noun, Slang: Vulgar. 1. an inconsequential, annoying, or disgusting person. /ˈfʌkə/ noun (taboo, slang) 1. a despicable or obnoxious person 2. a person; fellow 3. a person who fucks noun Related Terms fatherfucker, mind-fucker, motherfucker

  • Fuckery

    noun A house of prostitution; brothel

  • Fuckface

    noun A despicable person: Screw you, fuckface

  • Fuck film

    noun phrase A pornographic movie; skin flick: Calling it an erotic film festival made it possible for people to dig a good fuck film (1960s+)

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