denoting or made with whole unskimmed milk


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  • Full-custom

    Design of integrated circuits at the transistor or polygon level. This is in contrast to the use of libraries of components. Full-custom design requires considerable skill and experience and is usually only feasible for simple circuits, especially ones with much repetition, such as memory device, where a small saving in the size and power consumption […]

  • Full-cut

    [foo l-kuht] /ˈfʊlˈkʌt/ adjective, Jewelry. 1. (of a brilliant) cut with 58 facets, including the table and culet.

  • Full cutoff light fixture

    noun a type of streetlight with no light emitted above horizontal, no light dispersion or direct glare to shine above a 90-degree, horizontal plane from the base of the fixture Examples Full cut-off fixtures must be installed in a horizontal position as designed, or the purpose of the design is defeated, and disability glare will […]

  • Full-duplex

    [foo l-doo-pleks, -dyoo-] /ˈfʊlˈdu plɛks, -ˈdyu-/ adjective 1. of or relating to the simultaneous, independent transmission of information in both directions over a two-way channel. communications (fdx, from telegraphy) 1. A type of duplex communications channel which carries data in both directions at once. On purely digital connections, full-duplex communication requires two pairs of wires. […]

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