[Sephardic Hebrew gah-bahy; Ashkenazic Hebrew gah-bahy; English guh-bahy] /Sephardic Hebrew gɑˈbaɪ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈgɑ baɪ; English gəˈbaɪ/

noun, plural Gabbaim
[Sephardic Hebrew gah-bah-eem; Ashkenazic Hebrew gah-bahy-im] /Sephardic Hebrew gɑ bɑˈim; Ashkenazic Hebrew gɑˈbaɪ ɪm/ (Show IPA). English, Gabbais. (sometimes lowercase) Hebrew.
a minor official of a synagogue, having limited ceremonial or administrative functions.
(in the early Middle Ages) a government official charged with collecting taxes.


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