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  • Gbg

    abbreviation 1. Guernsey (international car registration) 1. gonadal steroid-binding globulin 2. Guernsey [Channel Islands] (international vehicle ID)

  • Gbh

    abbreviation 1. grievous bodily harm 2. gamma-hydroxybentyrate noun phrase An illegal steroid substance, gamma hydroxybutyric acid; scoop: GHB crossed over onto the club circuit, where users refer to it as Grievous Bodily Harm (1990s+) 1. gamma benzene hexachloride 2. great big hug

  • Gbip

    General Purpose Interface Bus

  • Gbl

    abbreviation 1. gamma butyrolactone: a dangerous chemical which may illegally be contained in some dietary supplements and which the body converts to GHB ground-based laser

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