the plant family Gentianaceae, typified by herbaceous plants having simple opposite leaves, usually blue flowers with five united petals, and fruit in the form of a capsule, and including the closed gentian, fringed gentian, centaury, exacum, and marsh pink.


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  • Gentianophil

    gentianophil gen·tian·o·phil (jěn’shə-nō-fĭl’) or gen·tian·o·phile (-fīl’, -fĭl’) adj. Staining readily with gentian violet. gen’tian·o·phil’ic adj.

  • Gentianophobic

    gentianophobic gen·tian·o·pho·bic (jěn’shə-nō-fō’bĭk) adj. Not staining or staining poorly with gentian violet.

  • Gentian-violet

    noun 1. a dye derived from rosaniline, used in chemistry as an indicator and in medicine as a fungicide, bactericide, anthelmintic, and in the treatment of burns. noun 1. a greenish crystalline substance, obtained from rosaniline, that forms a violet solution in water, used as an indicator, antiseptic, and in the treatment of burns Also […]

  • Gentile

    [jen-tahyl] /ˈdʒɛn taɪl/ adjective, (sometimes initial capital letter) 1. of or relating to any people not Jewish. 2. Christian, as distinguished from Jewish. 3. Mormon Church. not Mormon. 4. heathen or pagan. 5. (of a linguistic expression) expressing nationality or local origins. 6. of or relating to a tribe, clan, people, nation, etc. noun 7. […]

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