[jee-noh] /ˈdʒi noʊ/

a male given name.


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  • Ginormous

    [jahy-nawr-muh s] /dʒaɪˈnɔr məs/ adjective, Informal. 1. extremely large; huge. /dʒaɪˈnɔːməs/ adjective 1. (informal) very large adjective simply huge; extremely large Word Origin 1948-53; giant + enormous Usage Note ginormously, adv adj. 1948, perhaps originally military colloquial, from a merger of gigantic + enormous. adjective Simply huge; extremely large [1948+; blend of giant and enormous]

  • Gin palace

    /dʒɪn/ noun 1. (formerly) a gaudy drinking house

  • Gin-rickey

    [jin] /dʒɪn/ noun 1. a rickey made with gin.

  • Gin-rummy

    noun, Cards. 1. 4 (def 1). /dʒɪn/ noun 1. a version of rummy in which a player may go out if the odd cards outside his sequences total less than ten points Often shortened to gin

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