Give someone the ax

verb phrase

(Variations: the boot or the chop may replace the ax) To dismiss or discharge; can, cut, fire: The school gave six profs the ax yesterday/ The Oval Office should give him what he really deserves: the boot/ A vast trade and business complex was given the chop (ax form 1883+; boot 1888+; chop 1940s+)


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  • Give someone the bird

    verb phrase

  • Give someone the brush

    verb phrase To snub; treat icily and curtly; kiss off: I got the brush in about two seconds in that fancy dump (1930s+)

  • Give someone the cold shoulder

    verb phrase To snub someone socially; be chilly toward someone (1840+)

  • Give someone the creeps

    verb phrase To cause a feeling that loathsome things are creeping on one’s skin; to cause nervous apprehension: His smile gives me the creeps (1849+)

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