Give someone the shake

verb phrase

To rid oneself of someone; get away from someone: He gave the cops the shake a block or so away/ I’ve been expecting Tish to give you the shuck (1940s+)


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  • Give someone the shakes

    verb phrase To instill fear and trembling; intimidate: he’s being paid $5.4 million by the New York Yankees to give opposing batters the shakes [1940s+; the shakes, ”a fit of trembling fear,” is found by 1837]

  • Give someone the works

    verb phrase To mistreat or beat severely; clobber, WORK someone OVER: They took him into the adjoining room and gave him the works (1920+) Related Terms the works

  • Give someone up

    verb phrase To turn someone in to the authorities; to betray: gave him up to the cops

  • Give someone what for

    verb phrase To beat or punish severely; drub either physically or verbally; clobber, LET someone HAVE IT: two or three of us would pitch on him and give him ”what-for” (1873+ British)

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