Glitter rock


See glam rock

noun phrase

Music played by rock groups that affect a spectacular style of dress (1972+)


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  • Glittertinden

    [glit-er-tin-uh n] /ˈglɪt ərˌtɪn ən/ noun 1. the highest peak in Norway, in the S central part. 8110 feet (2473 meters).

  • Glitz

    [glits] /glɪts/ Slang. noun 1. ostentatious glitter or sophistication: a cocktail lounge noted for its glitz. verb (used with object) 2. to add a showy sophistication to (often followed by up): They glitzed up the lobby with a couple of fountains and a birdcage. /ɡlɪts/ noun 1. (slang) ostentatious showiness; gaudiness or glitter n. 1977, […]

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    [glit-uh-ree] /ˈglɪt ə ri/ adjective 1. ; sparkling.

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    [glit-see] /ˈglɪt si/ adjective, glitzier, glitziest. Slang. 1. pretentiously or tastelessly showy: a glitzy gown. /ˈɡlɪtsɪ/ adjective glitzier, glitziest 1. (slang) showily attractive; flashy or glittery adj. 1966, from Yiddish glitz “glitter,” from German glitzern “sparkle” (see glitter). adjective Blatantly scintillant; flashy; gaudy: and a glitzy sister who has backed into degeneracy [1966+; fr German […]

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