[goh-fer-woo d] /ˈgoʊ fərˌwʊd/

(US) another name for yellowwood (sense 1)


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  • Gopher-wood

    noun 1. an unidentified wood used in building Noah’s ark. Gen. 6:14. noun 1. the wood used in the construction of Noah’s ark, thought to be a type of cypress (Genesis 6:14)

  • Gopi

    [goh-pee] /ˈgoʊ pi/ plural noun, Hinduism. 1. female cowherds, lovers of Krishna with whom he dances at the time of the autumn moon.

  • Gopik

    noun a unit of currency in Azerbaijan, with 100 gopik equaling one manat Usage Note pl gopik, gopiks

  • Go pittypat

    verb phrase (also pit-a-pat or pitterpat) To beat strongly and excitedly; pump with joy and anticipation: My veteran heart went pittypat (1601+)

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