[goud] /gaʊd/

noun, Chiefly Scot.


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  • Gowds

    [goud] /gaʊd/ noun, Chiefly Scot. 1. .

  • Gowed up

    adjective phrase Intoxicated with a narcotic; high, hopped up: some gowed-up runt (1940s+ Narcotics)

  • Gower

    [gou-er, gawr, gohr] /ˈgaʊ ər, gɔr, goʊr/ noun 1. John, 1325?–1408, English poet. /ˈɡaʊə/ noun 1. the Gower, a peninsula in S Wales, in Swansea county on the Bristol Channel: mainly agricultural with several resorts /ˈɡaʊə/ noun 1. David (Ivon). born 1957, English cricketer: played in 117 test matches (1978–1992), 32 as captain; scored 8,231 […]

  • Gower champion

    [cham-pee-uh n] /ˈtʃæm pi ən/ noun 1. Gower [gou-er] /ˈgaʊ ər/ (Show IPA), 1921–80, U.S. choreographer. /ˈtʃæmpɪən/ noun 1. 2. 3. a person who defends a person or cause: champion of the underprivileged 4. (formerly) a warrior or knight who did battle for another, esp a king or queen, to defend their rights or honour […]

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