[gree-foh] /ˈgri foʊ/

noun, Slang.

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  • Grief-stricken

    [greef-strik-uh n] /ˈgrifˌstrɪk ən/ adjective 1. overwhelmed by grief; deeply afflicted or sorrowful. adjective 1. deeply affected by sorrow or distress

  • Grieg

    [greeg; Norwegian grig] /grig; Norwegian grɪg/ noun 1. Edvard [ed-vahrd;; Norwegian ed-vahrt] /ˈɛd vɑrd;; Norwegian ˈɛd vɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1843–1907, Norwegian composer. /ɡriːɡ/ noun 1. Edvard (Hagerup) (ˈɛdvard). 1843–1907, Norwegian composer. His works, often inspired by Norwegian folk music, include the incidental music for Peer Gynt (1876), a piano concerto, and many songs

  • Griege

    [grey, greyzh] /greɪ, greɪʒ/ noun 1. . noun See gray goods

  • Grierson

    /ˈɡrɪəsən/ noun 1. John. 1898–1972, Scottish film director. He coined the noun documentary, of which genre his Industrial Britain (1931) and Song of Ceylon (1934) are notable examples

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