(informal) happy or contented; satisfied


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  • Grunt-work

    noun, Slang. 1. work that is repetitious, often physically exhausting, and boring. noun phrase Hard and/or tedious toil; bullwork, scut work: The machine will do the grunt work, filing, typing lists, comparing, sorting/ Congress returned to Washington and settled down for a month of grunt work/ Whereas Agassi’s every second of court time is grunt […]

  • Grup

    [gruhp] /grʌp/ noun 1. (especially in marketing) an adult, usually over the age of 30, whose lifestyle, interests, and tastes are in some ways the same as those of much younger people: skateboards that appeal to grups and teenagers.

  • Gruppetto

    /ɡrʊˈpɛtəʊ/ noun (pl) -ti (-tiː) 1. (music) a turn

  • Grus

    [gruhs, groos] /grʌs, grus/ noun, genitive Gruis [groo-is] /ˈgru ɪs/ (Show IPA). Astronomy. 1. the Crane, a southern constellation between Indus and Piscis Austrinus. /ɡrʊs/ noun (Latin genitive) Gruis (ˈɡruːɪs) 1. a constellation in the S hemisphere lying near Phoenix and Piscis Austrinus and containing a first and a second magnitude star

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