a block of gummy, easily crumbled rubber used to erase smudges, pencil marks, and the like especially from artwork.


Read Also:

  • Gum field

    noun 1. (NZ) an area of land containing buried fossilized kauri gum

  • Gumi

    [goo-mee] /ˈgu mi/ noun 1. a spreading shrub, Elaeagnus multiflora, of eastern Asia, having fragrant yellowish-white flowers and edible red fruit.

  • Gumlands

    /ˈɡʌmˌlændz/ plural noun 1. (NZ) infertile land from which the original kauri bush has been removed or burnt producing only kauri gum

  • Gum line

    gum line n. The position of the margin of the gum in relation to teeth in the dental arch.

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