George Washington Bridge


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  • Gw-basic

    language An early version of MS-BASIC. (1995-05-12)

  • Gweduc

    [goo-ee-duhk] /ˈgu iˌdʌk/ noun 1. .

  • Gweebo

    noun A tedious and contemptible person; dork, nerd (1980s+ College students)

  • Gweep

    /gweep/ To hack, usually at night, or one who does so. At WPI, from 1977 onward, gweeps could often be found at the College Computing Center punching cards or crashing the PDP-10 or, later, the DEC-20. The term has survived the demise of those technologies, however, and is still alive in late 1991. “I’m going […]

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