Hamiltonian cycle

Hamiltonian problem


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    [ham-uh l-toh-nee-uh-niz-uh m] /ˌhæm əlˈtoʊ ni əˌnɪz əm/ noun 1. the political principles or doctrines held by or associated with Alexander Hamilton, especially those stressing a strong central government and protective tariffs.

  • Hamiltonian path

    Hamiltonian problem

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    [hey-loh-lahyk] /ˈheɪ loʊˌlaɪk/ adjective 1. resembling a .

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    [hey-loh] /ˈheɪ loʊ/ noun, plural halos, haloes. 1. Also called nimbus. a geometric shape, usually in the form of a disk, circle, ring, or rayed structure, traditionally representing a radiant light around or above the head of a divine or sacred personage, an ancient or medieval monarch, etc. 2. an atmosphere or quality of glory, […]

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