Happy jack

(Austral) another name for grey-crowned babbler


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  • Happy-juice

    noun Liquor: The increased taxes on happy-juice have cut the revenues from liquor sales (1950s+)

  • Happy-medium

    noun 1. a course of action or condition that is between two extremes: Our climate is a happy medium between hot and cold. 2. a satisfactory compromise between two things that are related in such a way that one increases as the other decreases: We need to find a happy medium between conserving land and […]

  • Happy pill

    noun phrase A tranquilizer pill (1956+)

  • Happy-puppet syndrome

    happy-puppet syndrome hap·py-pup·pet syndrome (hāp’ē-pŭp’ĭt) n. A congenital syndrome of unknown cause that is characterized by mental retardation, ataxic movements, hypotonia, epileptic seizures, prolonged and easily provoked spasms of laughter, prognathism, and an open-mouthed facial expression.

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