almond toffee


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    [hahrd-bak] /ˈhɑrdˌbæk/ noun, adjective 1. . /ˈhɑːdˌbæk/ noun 1. a book or edition with covers of cloth, cardboard, or leather Compare paperback adjective 2. Also casebound (ˈkeɪsˌbaʊnd), hardbound (ˈhɑːdˌbaʊnd), hardcover (ˈhɑːdˌkʌvə). of or denoting a hardback or the publication of hardbacks n. “type of book bound in stiff boards,” 1954, from hard + back (n.).

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    adjective phrase Doing the sex act; screwing: Was you and she not hard at it before I came into the room? (1749+)

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    noun 1. a contact lens of rigid plastic or silicon, exerting light pressure on the cornea of the eye, used for correcting various vision problems including astigmatism. noun 1. a rigid plastic lens which floats on the layer of tears in front of the cornea, worn to correct defects of vision Compare gas-permeable lens, soft […]

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    noun, Cinematography. 1. directed light, especially light whose beams are relatively parallel, producing distinct shadows and a harsher modeling effect on the subject.

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