Haul someone in

verb phrase

To arrest someone; RUN someone IN: The police decided to haul them all in (1940s+)


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  • Haul off on someone

    verb phrase To hit or beat someone; launch a blow at someone: counting fifty before they hauled off on a Red (1930s+)

  • Haul someone over the coals

    verb phrase [1719+; fr the old ordeal by fire]

  • Haul the mail

    verb phrase Related Terms carry the mail

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    [hawnch, hahnch] /hɔntʃ, hɑntʃ/ noun 1. the hip. 2. the fleshy part of the body about the hip. 3. a hindquarter of an animal. 4. the leg and loin of an animal, used for food. 5. Architecture. /hɔːntʃ/ noun 1. the human hip or fleshy hindquarter of an animal, esp a horse or similar quadruped […]

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