Have an out

Have a means of escape or an excuse, as in I’m supposed to go to the meeting, but I have an out—Sam invited me first to come to his wedding. One can also give someone an out, as in She was hoping someone would give her an out; otherwise she’d be stuck visiting relatives all afternoon. [ ; early 1900s ]


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  • Have a party

    verb phrase To do the sex act; screw (mid1930s+)

  • Have a penchant for

    Have a tendency or taste for. For example, He has a penchant for saying the wrong thing, or She has a strong penchant for baroque music. [ Second half of 1600s ]

  • Have a prayer

    verb phrase To have a chance; be able •Very often used in the negative: The Eagles don’t have a prayer, and neither will Murray (1941+)

  • Have a problem with something

    verb phrase To find hard to accept; be unable to agree immediately: I said we’ll split it. You got a problem with that? (1970s+)

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